Danielle Maupertuis talks about Free From Desserts – her Vegan Website

Free From Desserts

Danielle Maupertuis, a Belgian Pastry Chef has worked for 5* hotels abroad and in the UK for many years. She spent 6 years in Greece as a Pastry Chef for a chain of Belgian Pastry Shops and 6 years in Lebanon as an Executive Pastry Chef for the 5* Beirut Marriott ( a testing time where daily electricity cuts meant they had to prepare their first wedding banquet by candlelight!)

DanielleDanielle has spent the last 14 years working in the UK, and has won several gold and silver medals in culinary competitions.

As times have progressed, Danielle has seen first hand the changes in peoples dietary requirements and views, from the realisation that more people suffer from food allergies, more people are concerned with healthier food options and also more people are becoming interested in following ethical philosophies. Whilst these changes have been developing, the food industry has not followed suit as quickly.

Struggling to give her customers a decent choice, Danielle decided to create her own range of “free from” desserts, where taste and presentation were paramount! One of her main goals (or challenges as she likes to put it) was to create desserts that not only look amazing, but also taste fantastic too! Danielle has certainly achieved her objective!

Inspired by classical recipes from Europe and the UK, you will find a plethora of choices for every occasion, from birthdays to afternoon teas to petits fours and more. Head to her website for more inspiration and to our recipes pages to see one of her recipes.

You can also catch Danielle at VegFestUK Bristol.